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We use the best in physiotherapist tape when treating patient injuries with therapeutic taping, including Rock Tape, Dynamic Tape and Rigid Tape.  These tape products are available to purchase directly from our physio practice in Kirwan, Townsville and information about each is provided below. 

Physiotherapist tape available for purchase

Rock Tape Product: Physiotherapist Tape
Rock tape - a favourite amongst athletes and physio's

Rock Tape

Unlike rigid tape, which many people find too stiff and restrictive, Rocktape is stretchy and is quickly becoming the preferred tape used by practitioners and athletes. Rocktape is more than just a fashion accessory and is a valuable tool to assist with performance enhancement, athlete recovery and injury prevention.

  • Assists to decrease pain
  • Assists to reduce swelling and bruising
  • Provides functional support while allowing full range of movement
  • Hypoallergenic – no zinc oxide or latex
  • Water resistant – can be worn for up to 5 days

Each roll has 5 metres of Rocktape that is 5cm in width. Included is an instruction sheet for the most popular applications. 

Dynamic Tape Product: Physiotherapist Tape
Dynamic tape - developed by a musculoskeletal physiotherapist

Dynamic tape

Dynamic Taping is a novel approach that uses a specially designed, highly elastic tape to contribute energy into the kinetic chain. 

Developed by a Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist, it is not designed to limit range like rigid tapes but rather to permit full range whilst still providing strong support where needed.

The unique properties and four way stretch permit taping in a way not previously possible with rigid tapes, non wovens or Kinesio Tapes.

The result is a tape that can contribute elastic potential energy to assist or resist, facilitate or inhibit and offload or deload soft tissues in addition to the normal proprioceptive, neurophysiological and circulatory effects of conventional tapes.

The tape is extremely soft to touch and highly conformable.

The adhesive has been independently tested and rated as non irritating, non sensitizing and non toxic.

It is also applied in thin strips to enhance the skins ability to breathe.

The material is breathable and allows water through to the skin but can be patted dry in seconds.

All this combines to produce a well tolerated, long lasting tape that is quite possibly the most comfortable athletic tape on the market.

Rigid Tape Product: Physiotherapist Tape
Rigid tape - Provides ultimate strapping and support

Rigid Tape

Patient Pack – Support and Strapping KitMetron Patient Pack contains two rolls of 38mm SPT Rigid Strapping Tape, and one roll of 5cm Therafix. Ideal for Physiotherapists and Practitioners to supply to patients for ultimate strapping and support when needed.

Our aim is to make quality physiotherapy care more readily available to everyone that needs it.

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