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Sports Physiotherapist in Townsville for enhanced mobility and pain management

Our Sports Physiotherapy clinic is an integrative rehabilitation and movement centre in Townsville. With a key focus on combining cutting-edge technology and a team of experienced sports physiotherapists, we strive to treat the individual and not just the injury.

A different approach - Achieve freedom through movement

When you play sports or train, an injury can hurt and hold you back from playing your favorite sports and even impact your daily lifestyle. Whether you are injured or just wanting to improve your performance, our Sports Physios can provide excellent services to achieve your health goals and quicker recovery from injuries. 

At Strive Physiotherapy, we are focused to go above and beyond your treatment, providing diagnosis and working to prevent recurrence of conditions in the future.   

We value freedom, that’s why our team of sports physiotherapists will spend a lot of time to understand your overall body, your movements from head to toe and assess what management plan would bring the best in your health. 

Expect excellence at our Sports Physio Clinic

  • We provide customised one-on-one consultation and care service with every appointment, so our physiotherapists would concentrate only on you at a time. 
  • We begin your recovery with a thorough assessment of your injury or condition, followed by evaluation of your overall health, flexibility and strength. 
  • Our Sports Physiotherapists then prepare a plan of action that is best for you. 
  • We will keep updating your management programs and monitor your progress throughout. 
  • Re-visits are often scheduled in your management plans as regular updates are essential for your recovery. 

Our team's key areas of experience

  • Injury prevention and intervention to acute injury and illness in contexts like training and competition. 
  • Assistance with performance enhancement according to an individual’s profile. 
  • Providing evidence-based consultation on leading an active lifestyle. 
  • Joint-related injuries like sprains and strains including ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) injuries. 
  • Musculoskeletal Injuries leading to acute or chronic pain.
  • Arthritis and inflammatory issues.
  • Head injuries leading to concussions, fatigue, dizziness. 
  • Providing consultations with exercises for recovery. 
  • Prepare exercise plans for strength and cardiovascular training. 

Let Strive Physiotherapy help you to live life with freedom

Our Sports Physiotherapists care for you individually. Our integrative treatment approach not just treats your condition but we also dig into the source of your problem to bring the best mobility in you.  We value building relationships with all our patients and together we find a way to your best health. 


Our aim is to make quality physiotherapy care more readily available to everyone that needs it.

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