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A man during his knee mobilisation treatment, Post-surgery rehabilitation In Townsville

Physiotherapy For Post-surgery rehabilitation

What is post-surgery rehabilitation?

Post-surgery rehabilitation or post-operative rehabilitation is a therapeutic intervention to re-establish mobility, strength and ensure the proper functioning of your muscles and bones. This is not limited to orthopaedic surgeries but can be applied to anyone that has had a surgical intervention as part of their medical care. 

We are at the forefront of providing the most optimal and tailored post-surgery rehabilitation program in Townsville.

All our physiotherapists are well versed with the standards followed by surgeons in Townsville. We often liaise with your surgeons and seek guidance by your surgeon’s post-surgery protocols.

During the treatment, our primary aim is to:

  1. Reduce pain in your impaired area through therapy, massage, exercise. 
  2. To enhance flexibility and help regain mobility of your joints, muscles, tendons and other benefits to your health. 
  3. To retrain the muscles to build strength and provide stability to the affected area. 
  4. Improve blood circulation and preventing further complications.  

What is involved?

With each surgery and each patient different, our Townsville physiotherapist will develop a treatment plan taking into account a patient’s post-surgery health stats, fitness and condition they are being treated for.

Most post-surgical recovery will involve:

  1. Respiratory rehabilitation or pulmonary rehabilitation, and exercise-based strengthening program to assist you to recover as quickly as possible.
  2. Hands-on treatments including joint manipulation, massage and other mobilisation techniques.
  3. Home-exercise program and one-on-one consultation with our experts
  4. Specific exercise and stretches that can be undertaken at the comfort of your home.

How long will it take?

Post-surgical rehabilitation time frames will greatly be determined by the surgery you had. 

Taking into account your goals and expectations our physiotherapists will advise you of an appropriately expected time frame to return the best possible outcomes from your surgery. These time frames will also be guided by your recovery process. Everyone it different and at Strive physiotherapy we don’t condone a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

Our aim is to make quality physiotherapy care more readily available to everyone that needs it.

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