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Physiotherapy For Manipulative Physiotherapy

What is manipulative physiotherapy?

Physiotherapists utilise multiple techniques to assist in you recovery process. Manipulative physiotherapy and mobilisation technique may be incorporated in your treatment session. 

These techniques help to improve range of motion in joints and help restore normal biomechanics to injured structures.

Physiotherapists are highly trained in all mobilisation techniques and these are supported by evidence of their effectiveness.

The word ‘manipulation’ can be used in many ways. Medically, it can be used loosely to mean passive movement of any kind.

Will I have to have this technique?

The treatment techniques used in your treatment session will be discussed with you prior to application. You will be informed what the technique is and why the physiotherapist thinks this technique will benefit your recovery. You will be asked for your consent before beginning any hand-on treatment strategies and you have the right to refuse any form of treatment at any time.

Is there any way I can do this myself?

No. There is no effective way to replace the hands of a highly qualified physiotherapist. If there is a similar way to augment this form of therapy your physiotherapist will explain the process for you.

Our aim is to make quality physiotherapy care more readily available to everyone that needs it.

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