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Physiotherapy For Balance and Mobility Assessment

Why should I have a balance and mobility assessment?

Getting out of a chair. Walking through your home. Reaching for a glass in a cupboard. Bending over to put your shoes on. These are normal everyday activities, but did you know that they all depend on your ability to control your balance? 

People with balance and dizziness problems have difficulty with even the simplest of tasks.

Most of us will experience balance problems sometime during their lives, especially as we get older. In fact, poor balance and fall related injuries account for a large percentage of emergency room visits each year.

How can physiotherapy help?

One of the core subjects physiotherapists study is neurology. In this area of medicine, balance and mobility are very important components. 

Physiotherapists are trained on how to assess, objectively measure and treat balance and mobility issues regardless of the primary cause for the problem. Testing can include everyday activities such as getting in and out of a chair and can progress to more complex activities like standing on one leg with your eyes closed.

There are also a number of excepted clinical measures to determine base line statistics that in turn can indicate changes in the person’s balance and mobility status.

Who should have an assessment?

Balance and mobility assessment are not only aimed at older patients who use mobility aids.

Many active patients would benefit from a balance and mobility assessment as well. 

High level athletes who rely on balance to achieve their performance outcome can also learn new information about their bodies that will enhance their performance ability.

Postural assessment is a very important assessment technique to predict and prevent future problems.

Our aim is to make quality physiotherapy care more readily available to everyone that needs it.

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